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A few years ago, my mother became very ill. Although her health had been declining for several years, the last 18 months were quite challenging. She had to leave her home and friends to be closer to her doctors and me. She was in and out of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and briefly in assisted living facilities. She passed away when she was 73. I miss her still and get a little sad when I see daughters my age with their mothers out and about, doing fun things we used to do.

While I had many wonderful helpers to see to my mother’s care, I still had, and wanted, to be an active part of her daily routine. That often involved an 80-mile commute from home to work to wherever she was that day and then home again. Those of you who have done this know what that is like. Although I willingly and lovingly took on this role, a few times I joked that I just wanted to run away and join the circus, because the situation had become so overwhelming and isolating and exhausting. I was not being serious, of course, but sometimes you have those odd thoughts when the “fight or flight” instinct really kicks in.

The reason I created this site is to support those of you who might be dreaming of that fictional escape to the circus as I did a few years ago. For the caregivers out there, you have a special gift, but I know that sometimes gift can be draining and isolating. This site is for you. I did not always feel like going to (nor did I even know of) a support group that could help me or of going out and meeting friends when I had a spare moment. Honestly, I could not even plan when I would have down time. When you do have a spare moment, this site will be there for you – to encourage you, to inspire you and to give you hope.

More about Lisa

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and, in addition to hosting this website, am a full-time HR director for a global company where I do lots of problem-solving, number-crunching, listening to employees and giving mostly unsolicited advice. You can see more of my work background here if you are interested.

I’m a fifth-generation Texan but have also lived in New York City and the Midwest. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling, baking, volunteering, reading my news feed (it’s relaxing to me) and hanging out with my two Yorkies.

Fun – or strange – facts about me:

  • I studied dance for 13 years while growing up and have watched every episode of Making the Team: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. While I had no desire to actually be a DCC, watching that whole process is fascinating to me and reminds me a bit of my childhood.
  • I once worked as a payroll manager for a baseball team. During the first week on the job, I met a future Hall-of-Famer and a POTUS-to-be. Note: Neither would know me now.
  • There is a town in Texas named after one of my ancestors.
  • My career has been in the corporate world, but I originally wanted to be an occupational therapist. I changed plans a year before I started college.
  • I was valedictorian of my high school class….of 28 people. It wasn’t a private school.
  • A few years ago, I took an adult learning class in modern art and found that I really love it! Most of the art on this website is photography, but you will probably see my creative side come through in that way.

My experience for developing and curating this website is more personal than professional. I grew up observing and learning from excellent caregivers – my grandmothers and mother, aunts, teachers, neighbors, friends. Some of this is learned, some is innate, some is researched – but all of it is from my heart. Whether your journey is long or short, I wish you endurance, comfort – and hope for the future.


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